Raised in Alberta, Canada on a strict diet of country music and religious conservatism, it didn’t take me long to reject the status quo, and set out on a journey filled with ‘the devil’s music’. While I consider myself open minded across genres, heavy metal is the prominent provider for the soundtrack of my life. From the bleak reverberations of depressive black metal to the energizing, uplifting fanfare of power metal, there is metal for all occasions.

I started putting on music events in 2008 after working in a live music venue and being reintroduced to the energy that comes with experiencing music up front and personal. Several years as a stage hand, followed by university and college with majors in sound, lighting, costumes and events management further solidified my passion for being involved in the show biz industry.

In 2014, I started doing interviews and writing reviews for Extreme Metal Television (EMTv). This helped me to start the long process of defeating my stage fright and re-kindling my passion for creative writing. I had the opportunity to talk to many wonderful people and attend great gigs all while making dramatic improvements in my prose and developing a distinct style of writing.

When EMTv went on indefinite hiatus, I started to look for other outlets for my writing. I found CrownofViserys and Beatroute Magazine, who eagerly accepted my style of writing and encouraged me to refine my compositions. After a successful third foray into post secondary, emerging with a major in public relations, I have relocated to Northern Europe to start my next chapter.

Currently, my main writing projects include music industry articles and advice, news releases and assorted publicly projects, copy-writing and translating, and reviews.

I’m always working towards completely conquering my stage fright whether that’s through speaking at conferences, presenting music industry awards or going over the top in professional air guitar competitions.

Thank you for looking at my blog/portfolio, have a great day!