Overall, Repressed by Finland’s Asylum 8 is pretty weird. Although that’s weird mainly in a good way. A strong promising electronic start with typical industrial metal elements open up, the synths, the pounding 4/4 beats with distorted uncomplicated guitars; Coarse vocals, that remain clear and coherent but occasionally bordering on hoarse. The standard elements give way to the not exactly ‘powery’ power metal vocals. The music is good, the juxtaposition of the heavy and the fluffy is interesting, and unexpected. It’s kind of a shock for the listener, but it’s not awful.

The auditory confusion subsides and redemption comes with the second song My Lamentation, which is possibly the strongest track on the album and the one that got the most replays.

It’s a difficult sound to describe; A catchy, high-energy beat persists throughout the album, easy lyrics that get stuck in your head and fast enough synth melodies to make it danceable but still maintaining the heavy presence crucial to the genre. Delicately places wubs alongside some interestingly placed death metal growls add another element to this mish mash of genres.

The Finnish cover of True Survivor (David Hasselhoff) is the perfect way to conclude the album; weirdness aside, it’s a fun album; much dancing, moshing and singing along is to be had.


Favorite Track: My Lamentation

Label: Inverse Records

Release Date: November 10, 2017

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