Next up for Month of the Goat is Goat Disciple and their release Wolfcult Domination released through Blood Harvest Records. This is war metal from Salt Lake City, Utah; and immediately, I couldn’t help but wonder how they are received in their hometown but evidently they have been making their rounds playing with the likes of Antichrist and Gravehill and as far as war metal goes, they bring the carnage.

The tones are piercing, just what is needed for violent riffs that punch you in the face. Thrashy enough to get you going, but not verging on the cusp of cheese. Overall, the vocals are quite muddy and for me, take away from the music which has a surprisingly high production quality for the genre. Alongside the gutturals from hell, the musical composition is, for the most part, well done. Everything is so fast and jarring that you’ll feel like you been through a hurricane of razor blades.

If you like wearing sunglasses at gigs and shower with your bullet belt on, this is for you. This is what you need to be listening to when you conspire in the the sewer while hammering nails into leather bracers. You can definitely bang your head to this and throw your buddies into the wall.

Final Verdict:

Cheese Slices 0/5

Goat Heads 4/5

Burning Churches 2/5


Favorite Track: Torture Siddhi

Label: Blood Harvest

Release Date: June 15, 2018

Reviewed for VM Underground

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