Once again the Swedes set the bar for what is amazing metal. This time it takes the form of Nekrokraft from Linköping and their new album Servants. Released earlier this year, it’s harsh and unforgiving, but still has that slight melodic feel that is iconic of Swedish metal.

Suitingly I was travelling across Sweden on a high speed train, watching the landscape whizzing by when I first listened to this album. It’s easy to see why this cold, dark and gloomy country would spit out such a ferocious band and where the inspiration for the national folklore is granted; spindly trees, small lakes surrounded by dead, frosty vegetation, and the evil lyrics of Angst thundering in my ears.

Power, melody and evil combine to make a fucking great album, nothing is overdone, there is no cheese, t’s just pure unadulterated blackened death metal with inescapable trash overtones. Fervently, they drag you to hell and spit you back out into chaos. With merciless drumming and uncompromising gutturals, tinged with symphonic solo and haunting backing tracks it’s a one way sojourn into the underworld.

My personal favourite track, Brimstone and Flames the symphonic choir in the background are immaculate, and against the repeated HAIL SATAN, it is powerful and sends chills up your spine.

Perfect production compounded with excellent musicianship have anchored this album on my 2018 must-listens.

Favourite track: Brimstone and Flames

Release Date: May 4, 2018

Label: The Sign Records

Written for VM Underground

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