Going into battle? Have legions of enemies to slay? Look no further for musical accompaniment than the newest release from Finland’s most prominent vikings, Ensiferum.

One Man Army is another installment of what we’ve come to expect and love since the band was formed in 1995. The menacing growls of lead guitarist Petri Lindroos; powerful, clean vocals channeled by guitarist Sami Hinkka and bassist Markus Toivonen perfectly blended with symphonic choral breaks where keyboardist Emmi Silvennoinen truly shines. Janne Parviainen ferociously keeps time in this adventure through familiar themes in the viciousness, the solitude, the rush and the pain of war. With lyrics mainly in English, it is easy to get swept away and immersed in the vibrant, detailed story these leather clad heathens paint with their music.

As mainstays for global folk metal they have proved their worth once again and succeeded in making an album with enough variety that the listener won’t lose interest. The soothing vocal solo on Cry for the Earth Bounds, the perfect drinking and getting silly song Two of Spades, the driving guitar solo and epic chorus on One Man Army among the other 10 perfectly crafted tunes make this a must listen album. The One Man Army tour comes to Canada in May with Korpiklanni as support.

Originally published at extrememetal.tv on May 21, 2015.

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