News Release: ATLAS (Finland) New Video “On Crooked Stones”; New Album “Primitive”

Inverse Records: Finland’s ATLAS New Video “On Crooked Stones”; New Album “Primitive” Out Nov. 16th

Finland’s ATLAS are releasing their music video for their first single “On Crooked Stones” in support of their upcoming first full length “Primitive” due out November 16, 2018 from Inverse Records. The video was filmed during ATLAS‘ tour with Miss May I this past June. The cold atmosphere and aggressive riffs paired with heartfelt lyrics and intimate vocals paint a picture of childhood trauma and the heritage of malice; perfectly suiting, the music video captures the band’s intense and energetic live show, stirring anticipation for the full length.

Watch “On Crooked Stones” at the following link:



Plus the single is available for stream and download on iTunesSpotify and Google Play.
“On Crooked Stones” was mixed and mastered at Impact Studios by Buster Odeholm (Born of Osiris, Sworn In, Humanity’s Last Breath, etc.) with additional production from the late George Christie also from Impact Studios.

“We started writing the album back in 2015 and it took us 3 years and about 30 song ideas to narrow it down to these nine tracks. The process was long and one of the hardest things we’ve ever set out to do, but we’re all extremely happy and proud of  how it came out in the end.’’ comments guitarist Aleksi Viinikka.

Album pre-order for “Primitive” available at the following link:

Track Listing:
1. Skinwalker (3:41)
2. Feel (3:59)
3. Kaamos (3:32)
4. On Crooked Stones (3:51)
5. Primitive (2:49)
6. Pareidolia (3:31)
7. Pendulum Swing (3:47)
8. Bloodline (feat. Ben English) (3:11)
9. Rust (5:40)
Album Length: 34:05

Patrik Nuorteva -Vocals
Tuomas Kurikka – Guitar
Aleksi Viinikka – Guitar
Leevi Luoto – Bass/Vocals
Aku Karjalainen – Drums

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“Where there’s a will there’s a way”

This is the mentality of the 5-piece modern metalcore band ATLAS, hailing from Nokia, Finland who are more than determined to make an impact on the genre. Labeling their sound as ’’NORTHCORE’ the band released a critically acclaimed debut EP “Northern Lights” in 2016.

After 6 years of hard work, the band has found its firm lineup with members who have dedicated themselves and their lives to the music. In that half a decade, the band’s sound has developed and matured to the point where it is now a truly unique mixture of different genres and sounds.

“Our main influences vary from contemporary metal giants such as Architects and Bring Me The Horizon to rap, pop and ambient music that make our sound a mix of heavy hitting riffs paired with catchy melodies and immersive soundscapes. Outside music we draw inspiration from the northern gloom of Finland which bleeds into the music giving our band a cold and harsh sound’’ says guitarist Tuomas Kurikka.

The band has played around Northern Europe with bands such as Adept, Eskimo Callboy, One Morning Left and We Butter The Bread With Butter. They are stocked to finally be releasing their first full length album “Primitive” on November 16th, 2018 via Inverse Records.

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