This Void Inside is a synthpop/gothic rock band from Italy that gives nods to an assortment of genres and makes a recognizable and accessible sound punctuated with industrial overtones and electronic melodies.

Their third album, My Second Birth/My Only Death delivers high energy pop with a heavy dose of synths complimented by Dave Shadow’s powerful vocals. It is at times, on the angsty side, but that common in the gothic rock genre. The punchy synths add to the songs well but don’t go over the top and verge on EDM. Th choruses are catchy and repetitive just enough to pick up the lyrics quickly without becoming boring.

TVI has found the sweet spot in gothic rock, maintaining some of the emotional bits, but keeping the solid synthpop beat. A bit of flavour is added with the well contrived guitar riffs that add a perfect contrast and separate TVI from typical gothic rock geared at moody teenagers. The variation in vocals step away from the distorted synthpop standard and meld into an accessible rock sound with a pitch that would be found in a power metal band without losing the gothic overture.

The range in themes is refreshing, from the aptly titled self-aware song “Another Fucking Love Song” which is a slower melancholic ballad to the power metal-esque “Meteora” that matches soaring vocals and extended guitar solos to the industrial infused “Ocean of Tears”. TVI shows they have a ton of potential with their ability to combine many elements together seamlessly.

Favorite Track: Meteora

Label: Agoge Records

Release Date: June 20, 2018

FFO: Apoptygma Berserk, HIM, AFI (post-2009)


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