Fast fast fast. That’s the first impression of the debut album from Calgary, Canada’s Hazzerd. Misleading Evil is nothing short of what is expected of a thrash band but there is something a bit different about this album. While there is the throwback to old school thrash metal complete with extended guitar solos and vocal reverb they are joined by the traditional new wave bass gallop which adds a new dimension to the tracks and breaks up the usual monotony that comes from the thrash formula.

Another aspect that sets Hazzerd apart is the generous melodic instrumental interludes, including two full instrumental tracks that allow the listener to focus on the musicianship and not just the reverberated vocals. From the first track to the last, the crescendo of new school elements offers a welcome contrast to the old school riffs creating a sound that can stand on its own in the sea of generic thrash pouring out of Canada these days. On the lighter side, Misleading Evil is uncomplicated and on the predictable side but nevertheless fun and enjoyable.

These 8 tracks will definitely become part of a head banging, singing along, crowd surfing kind of night for any thrash addict or NWOBHM fan.

Favorite Track: Misleading Evil

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