It is not uncommon for power metal bands to incorporate video game sounds into their music, but Sweden’s Machinae Supremacy takes this influence to a new level. The quintet, avid video gamers, choose to incorporate the SID chip from the Commodore 64 with their power/industrial metal riffs, creating a very unique and instantly recognizable sound. Their latest album, Into the Night World, is their seventh studio album and it is another consistent installment of retro, throwback sounds coupled with auto-tuned falsetto vocals, piano interludes, and heavy metal riffs.

For better or for worse they have been following the same formula since 2004, and while some may see their lack of evolution as a hindrance, they have become masters of their particular genre. Typically focusing on traditional power metal themes of fantasy and sci-fi, Machinea Supremacy follows the grain. However, on this album, they do deviate slightly to give a nod to themes of love, loss and personal accomplishments. The second last, and possible highlight track on the album, the instrumental, “SID Metal Legacy,” is the pinnacle of the fusion between the distinctive SID chiptune and standard heavy metal. All in all, the album is well done; going forward it can be reasonably expected that Machinae Supremacy will continue to put forth similar-sounding but high-calibre albums.

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