Antithese starts with triumphant fanfare which is quickly eclipsed with a dramatic descent into the the hard, violent aggrotech that is the bread and butter for Nachtmahr. Most artists that have passed the ten year mark begin to show variation in their work, for better or for worse, but however it may be taken, Nachtmahr continues to be the same.  

Seldom deviating from the typical releases they’ve put out since their debut release Kunst ist Krieg in 2007, Nachtmahr has always been the pinnacle of heavy and aggressive sounds of domination. Not slowing down since, Antithese is the 7th studio album, a double CD release with 18 tracks, including 5  remixes.

The militaristic band has been controversial in past years, especially with band founder Thomas Rainer stating that “the industrial scene has become too tame”. Also citing that the uniforms they wear on stage command power the same can be said for the music the crank out into the ears of the goths and rivetheads that stomp on the floor in front of them. It’s refreshing to see that the angry stompy music that I appreciate so much is still a thing in Europe as it seems the hype in North America has lessened.

Nachtmahr is a malevolent presence that demands respect and subordination, the music is easily danceable and the heavy German lyrics complete the formula the homicidal aggrotech. However, there is a slight reprieve from the auditory onslaught in the apocalyptic versions of the tracks on CD 2. The anger subsides, slowing down into spoken vocals, light synths, gentle harmonies and a soothing calmness in a stark contrast to the ear fucking that I was subjected to earlier. Simply proving that Nachtmahr is not just a one trick pony, but entirely capable of breaking the mold of relentlessly powerful music.

Favourite track: Antithese

Release Date: January 11, 2019


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