A band playing songs in tribute to other bands can be a risky move when you consider the rabid fan base of the band being covered and how they might receive a new take on their favorite songs. To formulate an entire EP of tributes to three of the most influential Finnish folk/death metal bands is even more risky.

Wolfhorde, from Keuruu, Finland has taken that risk and it is not in vain. Already well versed in creating folk metal with traditional and acoustic elements since 2012, their take on classics from MoonsorrowFinntroll and Amorphis are fairly well done. They don’t quite match the ferocity and chaos that Moonsorrow brings in Kylän Pääsää, but it is still well done. Their take on the songs is unique enough to stand out from the originals, while still maintaining enough of the original that fans of the covered bands won’t be disappointed.

The Great Old Ones is a fantastic chance to get acquainted with Wolfhorde and at the same time, experience a well-crafted homage to 3 of the most loved songs in the genres.

Favorite Track: Jaktens Tid (Finntroll)

Label: Inverse Records
Release Date: December 1, 2018
Teaser: https://youtu.be/ANk_f1LWYCo

Originally published by Metalheads United

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