At first glance of the album cover for Fight Till The End, complete with a word art looking logo, clashing title font on top of artwork depicting  a knight fighting a dragon, you know what exactly what lies in wait under that cover. It’s no secret that I usually lump most traditional heavy metal under the heading of entirely cheeseballs, (along with all power metal and trve kvlt black metal – crucify me), but I do truly enjoy a band that doesn’t take themselves overly serious and can have fun with their art in their chosen sub genre. 

Whether or not Steel Night is one of those bands that takes themselves too seriously, I can’t say for certain, but I will hand it to them that Fight Till The End is a really fun album. It’s the classic sound that is expected form the genre with the added bonus of having a singer (Jahaziel Rangel) who can use his full vocal range with relentless power that never wavers.

The songs are catchy, the lyrics are easy to pick up and sing to and overall, it’s headbanging, fist pumping good fun. Clearly, I’m not alone in my thoughts that this band from Mexico is making the right moves, they made it to the Wacken Metal Battle Finals in Germany in 2018 and completely delighted the crowd. Fight Till The End is their debut full length release, and the metal totally does flow. The familiar sounding riffs are not overly complicated and that’s likely the key element to this accessible, entertaining heavy metal.  

It’s really hard not to move when you’re listening to this album, the energy is unmatched, the solos are the right length and the vocals are perfectly pitched. Reminiscent of the 1980s, Steel Night does an excellent job of channeling the power of the classic bands while maintaining their own flavour.


FFO: Accept, Diamond Head, Helloween

Favourite Track: Red Alert

Release Date: March 2, 2019

Label: Iron Shield Records

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