WITCHGÖAT |UMBRA REGIT (Month of the Goat Pt. 3)

Third on the altar is Witchgöat, hailing from El Salvador (not to be mixed up with the now defunct band from India) with their demo Umbra Regit released through Morbid Skull Records. The most thrashy album this month, they contrast traditionally speedy solos and drums with reverberated death vocals. The solos are great, both technical and melodic while maintaining a through dose of speed that makes you want to break your neck.

This is not your new-age tutti frutti thrash for kids, this is the in-your-face, unapologetic thrash that defined the genre. The first two tracks manage to be both sinister, in terms of the bass and vocals, and harmonious with the sweeping solos. The third and final track is a slow paced, acoustic instrumental filled out with extra strings and a Spanish twist that shows the legitimate talent that the band has.

My only real complaint about this album is that it’s only a 3 track demo which flies by and definitely leaves you craving more. Not just a one trick pony, Witchgöat exhibit true potential and their future releases are something that I will be eagerly awaiting.


Final Verdict:

Cheese Slices 0/5

Goat Heads 3.5/5

Burning Churches 3/5


Favorite Track: Towards The Gûlgaltâ

Label: Morbid Skull Records

Release Date: July 31, 2018

Reviewed for VM Underground

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