Aeons Abyss is an Australian death metal studio project that has been around since 2017, and have now finished their first full length Impenitent slated for release in November. Apparently the music for this album has been written since the mid 1990’s and it was simmering for over a decade when it would finally be unearthed and unleashed around the world. 

Like a bottle of wine, the material for Impenitent was aged well, listening to it is a throwback to the days when death metal was still in its formative years. The duo of Steven and Paul O’Brien have done a great job on this album and for those who have been waiting for more material since their EP Pity Eloquence, which was released earlier this year, don’t worry, it was worth it.

I’m reluctant to go into too much detail about all the tracks on Impenitent because it’s best to enjoy this gory death metal feast without expectations or spoilers. Do you like old school death metal? Do you find nourishment in blast beats? Is the warm throbbing of a sore neck the tell tale sign of a good night out? If you answered yes to any of the following, Aeons Abyss is just what you are looking for to enjoy the classic death metal sound in the current year. 

However, in order to whet some appetites, in short, what can be expected on Impenitent are blast beats and melodic riffs throughout the 40 minute album of which, every single minute is enjoyable. The addition of impeccably timed interludes add perfect contrast and fuel further anticipation of thundering carnage.

Starting with the title track Impenitent, the album kicks off in high gear with the classic gutturals that are key to the genre. The insertion of a classically styled guitar solo sets the bar for the rest of the album and there is no disappointment to be found here.

The range on the gutturals is refreshingly wide and rather uncommon to have coming from a single vocalist. You Shall Be As Gods has a deliciously creepy and melodic intro that is shattered by a wall of blast beats and includes my favourite solo on the album. 

The speed gets turned up to 11 with Darkness Falls, a full sonic barrage of 90’s death with sonically sublime solos that complement the vocals immensely. Bloodless is a filthy, evil track and my personal favourite. It starts off slow and  steady before hitting that perfect pummeling climax, oh goodness, and finishing with delectably sinister vocals. This track I listened to more than the rest of the songs combined. 

In conclusion, the entire album is just fucking great. It’s old school enough to appeal to the most jaded of the metal veterans, refined enough to grab hold of the ear of those who are just creaking open the door into death metal and everyone in between.

FFO: Deicide, Sepultura, Carcass

Favourite Track: Bloodless

Label: Independent

Release Date: November 1, 2019

Reviewed for VM Underground

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