Even on a hot spring day the second full length Life Has Gone On Long Enough from Portland’s NONE can make you feel cold. Fuzzy distortion and depressive vocals lure you into the bleak world of misery and grief and swallow you. You can feel yourself being sucked into a desolate wasteland and caressed by a shroud of doom. The slow and steady march into the darkness of your own thoughts ushered by the anguished screams that surround you force you into a private contemplation.

With no online presence, and no known members, NONE is a great project, one that creates truly depressive music that reflects how one is unknown, and alone in a haunting world of suffering. Started in 2015, this enigmatic artist(s?) has released two full lengths quietly to the world.

Written and recorded throughout the latter half of 2017, NONE‘s new album Life Has Gone On Long Enough takes its haunting shape through eight organic tracks of foggy mountainous atmosphere and bleak music. On this new chapter, the follow up to the debut self-titled album released in 2017, NONE delves deeper into the blackest woods to find abandonment and developing its tortured personality further. Moving in and out like the long shadows of an ancient forest, the harsh musical passages of Life Has Gone On Long Enough intertwine and die through forlorn atmospheres, devouring and nourishing a hopeless life.


Favorite Track: Desiderate
Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records
Release Date: April 11, 2018
FFO: Woods of Desolation, Coldworld, Shining

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