The most epic album of the year. That was the promise and as expected with anything claiming as much, it was followed with disappointment. If anything, The Forest Seasons was the most hyped album of the year and to expect anything to live up to its hype is, insane by definition.

Claiming that ‘albums costing 100 bucks or a million bucks can be equally as good’ is pretty ridiculous when you make a cheap album as an appetizer for a fabled ‘other album’ that can only be made for a million bucks. Apparently, The Forest Seasons ‘isn’t based on money’ and ‘is killer and unlike anything we’ve ever done’, yet it still sounds like an over layered, processed to death soundtrack for a shitty fantasy movie starring puppets instead of people. ‘New dimensions’ is just an eighth layer of symphonic fluff over boring, never-ending guitar solos and a drum program.

This cheap release is standard fare for the band, uniform with everything else they have put out, barring the first album which was a mighty tease as to what the Finnish melodeath band could have been. The band is clearly out of ideas, enduring solely on ego and hype and it’s doubtful that even a custom studio and the promise of Time 2 will manage to bring the spotlight back around to Wintersun. The wait continues to see if this epic snooze fest of a band will progress once enough fans have been suckered out of their money and the colossal monument to epic late-night underwear riffs can be built. In the meantime, the plebs will have to munch on this flavorless piece of gristle that Lord Mäenpää has decided to generously dish out.

Favorite Track: None


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